I’ve been a photographer for almost as long as I can remember. If I saw a camera, I was on it. In high school I was always the guy with the camera, which made the year books very skewed to my circle of friends. After that came Sheridan College’s Commercial Photography program which was akin to advanced finger painting, but assisting some of the best commercial photographers in Toronto is really what blew my mind. And we only shot on film (digital didn’t exist), which makes me like a photo Yoda.

Now living in Calgary, I’ve photographed many direct clients and on the agency side I’ve worked for international advertising agencies like MacLaren McCann, JWT, and Draft FCB. Plus a whack of smaller agencies and charities.

Most of the folks that work with me seem to find me a light hearted guy and cool under pressure, especially with celebs (although I did ask Lenny Kravitz to take off his sunglasses during a shoot, which was dumb).

I’m doing what I love to do and supporting my incredible family with it. To say I’m grateful would be a significant understatement.



If you’re a CD/AD/Marketing Director considering hiring a photographer in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver or anywhere else for that matter (California is a fav location of mine, for obvious reasons) thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome to contact my ridiculously organized producer nathan.ciprick@gmail.com. He’ll get back to you ninja quick. And if you mix up our names on set, it’s cool. Happens all the time. Nathan has been credited as the photographer on Instagram posts more times than I can count. It’s the risk you take when both names start with an “N”